Tuesday, July 21, 2009

To run or not to run...

So about a month ago, I got ambitious and registered for the PDX Marathon thinking that I would be training with Joe's team. Well, that isn't happening because of our schedule for weekends during summer but I still have a hankering to run PDX because it is close... A friend at work laughed when I justified it as "it is close, I may as well run it". But really, I paid for it already and I have over 2 months... I can do it... right??

I am using Hal Higdon's training program and hoping that I can stick to it and be ready. It has 2 20 milers which I think will drastically help this mental block that I am having on my ability to get these little legs to carry me 26.2 miles at anything faster than a crawl.. but if it comes to that, I am not above it. I just want to finish.

Thoughts, advice, words of encouragement? Honest comments telling me that I am crazy? Anything and everything on (or off) the topic is welcome...


  1. I think it would depend on how far you are running so far and when the marathon really is. If it's the beginning of October, that might be a bit close because you have to build in the 3 weeks of tapering, and also you should try to get in at least one 20-miler. I think you said you are up to 11 now?

    Is there a marathon close by that you could do in November?

    By the way, thanks for following me on Twitter. My husband asked me last night how I know if a new follower is a spammer or not, and I said by your Twitter name, I knew you were a real runner. I explained to him about the Penguin, which is what your twitter name made me think of. But now I see you have your own reasons for the name.

    Anyway, thank you for the follow!

  2. I did 15 last week & felt good after. I wasn't super sore like I expected so that was a good sign pointing toward go. Since my goal is to finish, I am going with the October plan for now. I am in the middle of Hal Higdon's training program. I started in the middle because that's where I was based on long runs I had done before - I have 2 20 milers in the next 2 months which is do-able because I felt fine at 15. Last weekend was a step back weekend so I will see this weekend how I feel after the long run... If I can't do October, I will maybe do the Two Cities Marathon in Fresno November 8th.... I won't be terribly disappointed but I have put in a lot of time on the long runs so far and alot of early mornings so I am determined to do one this fall... :)

    Thanks for the comments. I was having a hard time getting motivated to post anything on here knowing I was probably the only one reading... and I have a hard time on Twitter too figuring out if spammer/porn/someone I am nto interested in but I just read recent tweets & if I pick wrong, I just unfollow :)

  3. If you can do a 15-miler comfortably, you'll be fine in a marathon! Try and get a couple 20+ milers in before October if you can. Best advice I got for race day... go out slow. Molasses slow. Enjoy the first couple miles, smile, talk to people, soak it in. But go slow. Then build to your desired pace over the next few miles and settle in. Too many runners go out hard from the start because of all the adrenaline and it ends in misery :) Good luck... I'm also doing PDX!